Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Five Day Road Trip with Mom!!!

After the fair we took off for a 5 day road trip with just mommy. I took the 3 kids and their friend Calry to Santa Cruz to meet up with our good friends from Montana and spend 3 days in their family cabin. It was awesome. The kids were perfect car riders. We stopped on our way up to visit my good friend Diana and her family. She has 5 kids and they all hit it off with my kids right away. after a 3 hour lunch and swim with them it was back in the car for another 5 hours to get to the cabin. Once we got to the cabin we had all kinds of fun there too. We explored some wilderness, we learned about "leaves of 3 let them be" and "if it's yellow, let mellow.." and went to the Santa cruz Boardwalk, the marine reasearch center, the Redwood Forest and just relaxed and hung out with friends. On the way home we stopped by Diana's again and stayed a night in the hotel and then came home. But we finished the trip off with a celebratory stop at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. Then it was time to unpack, repack, and head out camping for one night in Wrightwood with some friends. It was a crazy week, but sooooo very fun! One the kids and I will never forget. We did miss daddy, but we had a lot of FUN!!!
All the pictures are on facebook. There was too many to put on the blog.

County Fair

Well, school got out thursday the 18th so what better way to celebrate than to do a day at the San Diego County Fair! We had a blast and spent all day on rides and rides and more rides! Jack and Carly got their faces painted, we made frisbees, ate funnel cake and rode more rides than we could count! It was a perfect day. Even Jack could ride almost everything and as we found out has no fear of any ride, drop or spin! He woudl scream AGAIN, AGAIN as soon as the ride finished. It was such a fun day to focus on one another and just laugh ourselves silly!