Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Joshua finishes elementary school

It was an amazing year for Josh.  He had an amazing teacher and they had a great year.  Daddy came in and helped with math and Josh had a pranking war that lasted the last few months of school.  His teacher Mrs. Gonzalez was one of a kind.  And our incredible principal Mrs. Robinson said good bye as she had to move to another school. 


Daddy finally got to use his birthday gift and he and mom went up and he raced a NASCAR!  He was amazing!  He could just feel how to drive the car.  At one point the car in front of him spun out and he was in a cloud of smoke, but he pulled through and drove right out of it!

Girls On The Run Is So Much Fun!

Mimi and I joined the Girls on the Run program that Ms. Spiking was coaching at Creekside.  Mom decided to assistant coach and loved doing the program with Mimi.  Practice was 2 days a week and we ended the season with a 5K called the Sparkle and Shine.  Nana even came and ran with Mimi and mom.  Daddy and the boys came and cheered us all on.  What a great day!