Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diva Party and Mimi gets her ITouch!

Mimi decided she wanted a diva party this year with her friends. So we painted wood dolls, made bottle cap necklaces, diva bracelets and danced our hearts out!!! Our friend Claire Weede (11) made the cupcakes and we gave Kidz Bop 19 CDs and bubble as a party favor. But the highlights of the party were Jamie coming and putting feathers in all the girls hair and also Mimi and her friends and Taylor and Brinley do a dance routine they made up to a Taylor Swift song. Super Cool! I lvoe having a daughter to do all this fun girl stuff with!!!

A Visit from Family

Its not too often that family comes to visit besides my mom and dad. But this April, my cousin Grant and his wife Jessica came to visit for a while week with their 2 kids. What an awesome time to reconnect and talk about old times. My heart was so touched by remembering some of the things my cousins and I used to do when we were growing up together. Josh, Mimi and Jack loved playing with their kids and we loved sitting and talking old times. What a fun week. It ended with a big trip to California Adventure. At the end of the day it started sprinkling so we headed out to the car. Look at the beautiful rainbow God placed over Disneyland and California Adventure to help us remember such a fun week!


Jack and mommy TOTALLED the Sequoia!!! On our way to preschool one day, Jack and I got into a car accident. Mommy looked down for a moment and the lady in front her stopped to turn left on a 45 mile an hour road, but forgot to get into the turn lane!!! oops! Big crash, but everyone was ok. Way too busy of a day to get into an accident so Jack and I took care of business and got back on the road again! Grandpa just happened do drive by right after the accident, so he was a big help getting us to preschool and to a car rental place. 3 weeks later God gave us a new car better then our old car! We got a $5000 dollar pay out to use as a down and got an 02 Sequoia with 93000 miles, leather and DVD!!!! God is good!!!

Mimi;s birthday day! and a family race!

Eight years ago, God blessed us with a beautiful little baby girl. She has become such a sweet spirited, lively, loving, and spirited young girl in her 8 years of life. She has developed a love for running and on her birthday wanted to do a run! On her actual birthday there was scheduled the Carlsbad 5000. Each age group was broken down and designated a distance. We registered with the Spikings and all ended up running in honor of Mimi's birthday. Josh and trev ran the 1 mile, Mimi and Taylor ran the 1 mile and little Jack ran the 1/4 mile. Then she got to go to lunch at Benihanas with just mom and dad and then go shopping with her friend Brinley at Justice. It was a super fun and fabulous birthday! What a blessing this little girl is to our family!

Dressin' Up

The kids school has a fundraiser dinner every year and Troy and I finally got to go!!! The theme was Acaddemy Awards so of course it was so fun to shop and get ready for. I got my dress and shoes and jewelry for $120!!! What a fun night and the school was able to make thousands of dollars! Parking spots went for $1600 each!!!

Visit from an old friend

We got to spend a weekend with one of my dearest friends and her family. I hadn't seen her in years, but no matter how long we are apart, we always just pick up like it was yesterday. It was so fun to spend time with her and her husband but also with her kids and get to know them and see glimpses in them of her. What a blessing to my heart to spend some time with this amazing woman!!!


Every year in second grade the students work for months and do a Dinosaur musical for the school and parents. This year was Mimi's turn to perform in the Dino play! She did a FABULOUS job! She had to sing several grade wide songs but was also given a speaking part as well. She memorized the lines and spoke them very clear. Great job Mimi girl!!!