Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Beach in MARCH!!!!

It was a warm lazy saturday so the kids and I decided to pack dinner and head to the beach. Surprisingly we got to enjoy the water, it wasn't too cold, dig holes, and daddy met up with us for dinner. Josh looked so old carrying his bogey board out into the water. I realized I have officially raised Cailfornia babes!!! What a great night to relax, enjoy Gods creation and get our hearts ready for summer!

Dinosaur School Performance

Josh got to do a Dinosaur school performance this month as well!!! He was given a talking part and had to learn quite a few songs. It was so fun to watch him perform.

Barnes & Noble Singing..

Mimi got to sing at Barnes & Noble with her class this month! So cute to see all the songs that Mr. Lee had taught them. She loved practicing the songs at night while she waited to fall asleep!