Saturday, July 16, 2011


In July we went to Cmapland on the bay with Trish and CHris and the kids! We also brought Trevor with us. We were supposed to camp sunday thru tuesday. But tuesday morning we all woke up and we were not even close to be ready to go home. So we packed up and moved sites and stayed another night!!!! It was awesome! We swam at the pool, boated in the bay (thanks daddy for getting the boat ready and for learning all the boating rules), rode bikes, took showers, and ate like champions!!! It was a blast. Only bummer was Josh got burned with hot butter when he was popping popcorn over the fire. But he handled it like a champ! It was an absolute blast of a trip!!!
(my computer crashed and we lost all the photos from the trip. such a bummer!)

Lake Skinner

For Fathers Day the Nichols family celebrated by camping at Lake Skinner. What a blast to be with the family. There was a water fountain park, fishing, biking, etc. The kids brought their own tents and slept in them all by themselves. What a cool memory!

Fair Time

The Del Mar Fair is the highlight to the start of our summer for sure!!!! We love to ride all the rides in kiddie land and we have some of our favorite fair food we eat too! This year the family favorite ride was the one that pulls you up and drops you down. Troy and I went on it 2 times and the kids went on it 4 times!

Our favorite food was potatoe spirals, grilled corn, mimi had a chili cheese dog too. Pineapple and cotton candy are a must too.

Love the fair and all the fun it has to offer! What a day!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Our little dancer had her recital this month! It was a big day! She was in 2 numbers for 2 shows so we arrived at the performing arts center at 12 and didnt leave again until 10pm. It was a huge day and Mimi was absolutely AMAZING!!! She hit every step and beat right on cue even making facial expressions to match the feel of the song. We were so proud of her! She has teh fastest feet! Both her tap and jazz performances required her to move her feet at lightening speed and she can do it! We are so proud of her and her performance! Way to go Mimi!

24 hours in Palm Springs

Summer was just starting and we were still wrapping things up before we were totally free for the summer, but we couldn't wait another moment. We had to get out of town! So we found a great deal at Rancho Las Palmas in Palm Springs and headed out for an overnight! What a blast!
We swam all afternoon, daddy brought in Rubios for dinner and we watched Mars Needs Moms. After a fun long day, we slept and got up in the morning to room service breakfast! Then back to the pool for a couple more hours of swimming, and then it was time to come home. What a great trip!!!

In the movie the charachter named Milo had to walk on the moon. When Jack was walking in the lazy river, it reminded him of the movie and how Milo looked when he walked on the moon. So he turned to daddy and said, "look dad, I'm Milo-ing!" So we now have a new phrase when we are floating/walking in a lazt river!

Visiting Princess Belle for Tea...

I don't think the magic of meeting a Disney princess ever goes away.

There is a local mall in San Diego that has made meeting a princess and having tea with her a very easy and memorable moment in your daughters life. Mimi and my neice Mikaila got to join Belle for tea for the afternoon.

Belle came to introduce herself to each little girl, then the girls got to pick a princess outfit to wear at the tea, then get their hair done like a royal princess and then the tea began!!! The table was set with real dishware and the girls ate snacks, played games, and listened to stories read by Princess Belle. At the end you were invited to a quick photo shoot with her to commemorate this special day.

What an amazing time for the girls. It was so fun to watch them enjoy the time and attention from one of their favorite princesses!

Of course, being that we were at the mall, the girls had to make a stop at Mimi's favorite store Justice and do a small shopping spree together. What fun!