Thursday, November 3, 2011


This year for Halloween you guys dressed up as Mario, a ladybug and a Illuminite guy. You all looked so good in your costumes. We had pizza at the Spikings house and trick or treated with them in their neighborhood. What a blast!

America's Got Talent LIVE

We took the whole family to Vegas to see America's Got Talent Live!!! It was a show for the last 6 finalists to come back and show their stuff. It was at Ceasars Palace and was absolutely AMAZING!!!! What a great time! We also saw the Mandalay Bay Resort, the Bellagio fountain show, and Ceasars Palace. We drove the strip at night to see all the excitement and the lights. On the way home we took a detour to get fireworks and then when we hit traffic for 3 hours and decided to take break, we found a quiet hidden little steakhouse that was so quaint and charming. We ate to our hearts content, even Jack was so happy to have celery and ranch all to himself. We got home at midnite tired and ready for bed, but had such a great trip!!!!

Our Cross Country Runner

Creekside had a cross country run that was district wide for the elementary schools. Mimi signed up and ran the race with all the 3rd grade girls. She ran awesome and showed such school pride. She has some fast little feet with a runners form! Way to go MIMI!!!

Flag Football

Josh played a season of flag football! He loved being able to play football again without all the pads of pop warner. The flag league was just to play and have a good time and he definitley had a good time. He had a great coach and great teammates. Thye had 2 tough first games but after that they played like rockstars. In one game Josh got a headbutt but he also ran in the extra point on a touchdown. He was awarded the game ball for that game! Way to go JOSH!!! It was also the same game that grandma and grandpa Terry got to see and Auntie Tara and Jared and Ellizabeth. So Cool!!!


Mimi and Jack decided to start karate one day a week! They are doing great! It takes alot of concentration and discipline to learn all the moves. Their intructor Mr. B was daddys instructor when daddy did karate. Maybe Jack and Mimi will go farther than he did!!!

Josh turns DOUBLE DIGITS!!!

This was a big brithday for Josh!!! He turned 10 years old. He has grown into such an amazing young man. He loves playing flag football, dodgeball, swimming, basketball and driving his dune buggy and tubing behind the boat. He has the most amazing heart and kind spirit. We are so proud of him! For his party, he had a cousin party and a friends party. For his friends party he went to Lazer tag and then had a sleepover! 10 boys for a sleepover was crazy fun! His bog gift for turning 10 years old was his own itouch!

Jacks first day

Jack started his last year of preschool! He got to have the same teacher as Josh (she was his assistant teacher), Mimi, JT, and Jared! Mrs. Lair is awesome and Jack loves preschool!!!