Saturday, August 18, 2012

Campland on the Bay...

Daddy and Auntir Trisha decided they wanted to celebrate their birthdays camping at campland together.  What a fun time!!!  We were a little nervous because of Jacks leg and cast, but he was willing to give it a try so we decided to pack and go.  And what a blast!  We had so much!  Everyone enjoyed the boat and we even got Jack on the tube.  We life vested him and his leg and had a cast cover on his leg.  It was such a  great 4 days and a yearly tradition for sure!!!

Jacks first tooth!!!

Right before your leg injury you lost your first tooth.  By the end of summer  you had lost 4 total!!!  All 4 across the bottom.  It was pretty amazing how fast they all fell out!

Our Brave Little Man...

July 16th started out like any other summer day.  We had just gotten to our friends house and all the kids ran outside to jump on the trampoline.  After a few minutes we heard Jack scream and ran outside.  He was screaming about his leg.  I tried to straighten it out and when I did, I could see that it wsa probably broken.  I scooped him up and got him in the car to get him to the hospital.  Ms Spiking kept all the kids, and called the hospital to tell them I was on my way.  When we got to the hospital they put a temporary cast on you and took xrays.  While you were asleep the dr. came in and told me that you had broken both bones in your leg and that they were going to transport you to Childrens Hospital for emergency surgery because the break had gone into your growth plate. 
Jack, you were unbelievably brave and tough.  I kept marveling at how well you were handling all the chaos around you and the pain.
2 nice paramedics helped transport you to Childrens and daddy met us there.  They redid the x-rays and the break hadnt gone into your growth plate.  In fact, it was an inch down from it.  Little did we know at the time, there was a prayer meeting going on at church that Joan and Terry Vogel were at and they were sitting in the bak praying for you when Pastor Ray got up and said that he sensed someone needed healing and asked everyone to direct prayers that way.  No one knew it was for you except Joan and Terry.  Ms Spiking was also praying with all the kids and nana had tons of Moms In Prayer moms praying and of course all the family was praying.  It is no doubt to me that God changed those xrays and spared you from surgery. 
The dr.s sedated you and set your bones.  They warned us that you might wake up scared and upset, but when you woke up you were very calm and at peace.  Mommy was so thankful.  She didnt want you scared, you had been through so much.  They decided to keep you overnight for observation so they moved us up to a room at 12:45 am.  Daddy ran home to get a few things and I stayed with you.  You woke up frequently, but one time you asked me if God wanted this to happen to you.  I told you that God didnt want this to happen and that He was going to help you through it. 
Daddy came back and we all tried to sleep, but it was tough.  At 5:30 am we got a new nurse that revamped all your meds and the new meds helped the pain alot more and you were able to sleep for a few hours. 
In the morning Dawn came to visit and brought you toys and Starbucks for mommy and daddy.  You had a 4 page room service menu to order from and you wanted frosted flakes and toast. 
Later that morning the physical therapist came to teach you how to use your wheel chair and told you that Trevor Hoffman was downstairs meeting patients.  Mommy and daddy weren't quite ready to haveyou moved around yet because of all the pain you had been having, but you looked at daddy and said, "I know its gonna hurt, but I know I can do it."  I was so proud of you to be so brave.  So daddy got you in your chair and we went to meet Trevor Hoffman. 
When we met him, he asked to sign your cast and took pictures with you.  It was pretty cool.  On our way back to your room, we stopped at the playroom and this really nice older boy who had knee surgery gave you his controller and invited you to play the ps3 with him.  He was a really nice kid, he reminded me of your big brother.  Carly and Stephanie and Joan and grandpa all came to visit you too and brought you presents.
About 3pm you got checked out and we were able to bring you home!!!  That night nana, ms spiking and josh and mimi and trevor and taylor all came to see you.  You were so happy to see them. 
While home you  had such a great attitude.  You never complained or whined or got angry.  The whole 5 weeks, you had the best attitude and were determined to wheel yourself around and not let your leg slow you down. 
At Downtown Disney one night, this man walked up to you and said he had been watching you and wanted to do something for you.  He gave you a gift card to Hagen Dazs.  While you and daddy got ice cream, I went over and asked the man what the story was behind his generosity and he and his wife had told us that they had 4 kids.  And their son had broke his leg about the same age as you and that watching you be so happy brought back some sweet memories for them.  They shared that they had recently lost their son in a car accident and he was 29 years old.  It was a very heartfelt and amazing experience to be a part of.  You had so many people pray for you and send you gifts and cards in the mail and visit.  YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL AND LOVED LITTLE BOY AND WE ARE SO PEOUD OF YOU, JACK.

The San Diego County Fair

It's one of our favorite summer days and results in tons of laughter and great memories... The Fair!!!  This year was the same as the others, tons of laughing, eating and memories.  We ride soooo many rides and eat so many yummy things!  This year we were brave and tasted deep fried oreos.  They actually tasted pretty good. 


Josh tried out and made it onto the club basketball team The Sundevils!!!  We were so proud of him and really liked all the boys on his team.  It was a great season full of a lot of practices and games and overall improved his game.  Heliked it so much, he is gonna try out and play again this fall.

                                                    GOOOOOOOO SUNDEVILS!!!

Happy Birthday to Nana

Nana had a super fun birthday this year.  We had a big bbq at our house and her 2 sisters made a roadtrip down from Washington to visit and celebrate with her.  Aunt Lynn and Aunt Gayle stayed with Nana for a week and boy did they have fun!

Hip Hop

Mimi decided to try a new style of dance this year, and gave Hip Hop a try.  She loved the face pace and the music and when it came to recital time, she shined like a star!!!  The moves were so fast and fun and it was cool to see her progress every week at class.  She has quite the ability to move her feet and body.  WOW!!!  Even though she enjoyed Hip Hop alot, she decided to go back to jazz this next year.  They had a community show in June that was awesome and the picture below captures her little Hip Hop attitude!