Sunday, January 8, 2012

End of 2011

As we said farewell to 2011 we paused to remember all the great things 2011 brought us. It was fun and exciting for all 5 of us to bring in New Years 2012 together! Lets do this!!!

Our Christmas

We always love having Christmas morning at our house. We wake up and have a quick breakfast, make a fire and start with stockings and then move to the gifts. We stay in pjs all day and just play with all the new gifts. Its one of our favorite days of the year! One super memorable thing about this Christmas was that mommy and daddy bought each other the same gift!!! Mommy surprised daddy with a visit from Todd to ride motos and daddy surprised mommy with a visit from Tammie for a girls weekend! It was so cool!

Nichols Family Christmas

The Nichols family Christmas on Christmas Eve is always full of such wonderful memories. What a blessing to be together with family all day and celebrate with each other.

Brunch, the nativity play, gifts and dinner, its a full day and sooooo full of love.

Gingerbread house time!

It was the 2nd annual gingerbread house decorating party! We had almost 30 kids come over and decorate little graham cracker houses. What a fun afternoon and great way to start the Christmas break.

Deep Sea fishing

Josh's best frined Trevor celebrated his 10th birthday doing a deep sea fishing trip! What an amazing experience! The boys were out for 5 hours and learned so much stuff about fishing.

Happy Birthday Trevor!

Jack turns 5!!!

OUr little Jack Jack turns 5!!!! He's been waiting to turn 5 since he was born! He wanted a party a party with his friends and cousins at Nickel City. So ona friday night in early December we all met for a night of arcade fun to celebrate this amazing boy. Jack is so amazing and has the greatest heart and tempermant. His sweet spirit adds so much to our family dynamic. His favorite birthday gift? His first itouch just like Josh and Mimi. It hasn't left his hands since.

Happy Birthday buddy! We love you "past words" (as you like to say).