Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School (again)

Summer is over and now its back to school for everyone! Jack still has a few weeks, but Josh and Mimi had to head in to school! Josh got Mrs. Bennett with Trevor, Will and Arliss in his class! Stoked! And Mimi got Ms. Charbonneau! What a great year awaits us!!!

End of summer

The last week of summer we decided to end with the annual trip to Soak City!!! Jack even got to do the big water slides. He was so brave!!! Mommy and daddy also celebrated their 12th anniversary. We went 5th row to Miranda Lambert and dinner at Peohe's. Daddy also got mommy a Tiffanys bracelet and necklace. What a sweet gift!

The big 40!!!

The amazing man that takes care of our family turned 40 this year!!!! He got a new motorbike and had an accident that dislocated his shoulder, broke his shoulder, broke his elbow and dislocated his thumb. It was craxy!!! He was so tough to handle it the way he did. He even rode to the hospital in the car. No ambulance. So his birthdya plans changed a bit. He hung out with us in the morning and then we got ready for a fun backyard bbq with all his friends. Then mommy and the kids left and they had a crazy boys night! What a blast!!! His gifts? nascar racing lessons, deep sea fishing, and some other small things. Turning 40 was pretty good!!!

Campland Again!!!

We loved Campland so much the first time that we decided to go again! This time we went with the Spikings. What a great 4 days! It was soooo fun!!!! We boated, tubed and mommy paddle boarded. Daddy was amazing. It had only been a month since his motorbike accident. Even with a recovering dislocated shoulder, broken shoulder, broken elbow and broken thumb, he was out there driving the boat and setting up camp! What a trooper!!!