Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vising in Hannah Montana!

We pulled the kids out of school and boarded a plane to Missoula, Montana! Our awesome friends the Dry's live in Missoula on the Blackfoot River. We hadn't seen them in awhile and tickets were $60 each round trip so we decided it was time to pay them a visit. We had such a blast playing, hanging out, fly fishing, riding the carousel, finding elk carcasses, seeing Todds helicopter and just being with good friends. The trip was one that will be remembered for a lifetime. We miss you Todd, Tammie, Owen and Wyatt!!!

Jack is learning how to swim!

With the big kids in school, we decided to give Jack some swim lessons on his non-preschool days. He LOVES the water and by the end of his first 8 lessons he was completely water safe! By lesson 10 he was swimming! Now he can jump off the side and swim over half way across the pool! His first teacher was Miss Andrea and then he switched to Mr. Josh. HE and Mr. Josh have a blast playing during lessons.

First Day of School (again)

Every summer must come to an end to usher in the new school year. Josh starts 3rd grade and Mimi starts 2nd and little Jack starts preschool. Although it is bittersweet to say goodbye to summer days and welcome the new school days, it is a fun day to get all dressed up and see your friends and new teachers. Josh has Mrs. Windes, Mimi has Ms Weidetz and Jack has Mrs. Johnson. What a great year this will be! Mommy bette be on her toes to keep up with this new schedule!

Troys 20th High School Reunion

How does life pass by so quickly that you are 20 years out of high school, married, kids, career, etc.? Wow!!!! Troy just had his 20th High School Reunoin this summer. What a fun night! It was great for Troy to reconnect with some of his high school friends and nice for me to be able to meet some of these people that he tells memories about.