Saturday, February 28, 2009

It just isn't right....

Well, this was an interesting week in our house. It was full of activity and giggles and routine. The previous week, the kids had been on break and we enjoyed all the freedon and fun to be had. So once monday rolled around we knew it was back to schedule and routine.

The week went great and schedules were met and homework accomplished. To increase the excitement of the coming weekend, Troy told Josh and Mimi he would take them for an overnight trip to the desert. Riding the buggy, sleeping in the tent and peeing on the bushes. As an added bonus 2 uncles and 2 cousins were coming as well.

So as you can guess, it was the talk of the week. They were so excited and I was looking forward to some alone time with Jack Jack.

As life would have it sometimes, Mimi came sick thursday night. Fever and chills and the aches. Poor Troy tossed and turned all night trying to decide what to do about the trip. Do they go and leave Mimi home, do they not go but disappoint Josh.... the questions rolled around all night.
In the morning, we told Josh that Mimi had gotten sick during the night. We thought we would see what his response would be before we decided anything.

God has made that boy with a heart of GOLD. He looked at Troy and put all his own excitment aside and said, "dad, it just wouldn't be right if we went without Mimi. It wouldn't be fair. We can't go without her. We are not going."

Absolutely amazed we looked at him and told him how proud we were of him and that if that is what he wanted than we would honor that decision. We also told him that he could still skip school for the day!

And to top off our morning Mimi told Josh that it would be ok if he went. That she was alright and that he could go if he wanted.

I don't think God could have blessed us any more with the beautiful children He has given us.
And I must admit it has been a nice quiet weekend being together and relaxing. God is so GOOD!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It has been awhile since I posted...

I can't believe I haven't posted since Christmas! We have been busy having fun and hanging out and settling into our New Year. The kids have their new goals and allowances and so do Troy and I. We have been to the zoo, Science Center, Disneyland, the snow and the beach (in the same week) and Josh and daddy took a trip the desert.
We truly enjoy our family and all the fun we have. I don't think there is any other place we would want to be than with our kiddos doing something that brings smiles to their faces.
I won't take this long to post again. I am realizing that too much life passes by that I don't get to share with you if I do. So stayed tuned. The updates will be ore regular again!