Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Reunion

We spent our 11th anniversary in Washington! We took the kids to the camp where we met, saw all my family at the Wells family reunion, and did the Northwest Trek, Science Center, Pike Place Market and Ferry. What a fun trip. I think we could've stayed for a few more days, but we were thankful for the days we had. We got to travel for the first time with no stroller and no pack n play and car seats. Woohoo!!!! Seeing my family was the highlight. Some of my cousins I hadn't seen in 15+ years. We all used to play together all day long at the family reuniuons and it was so neat to watch all our kdis do teh same thing too.


Even though it was summer vacation, the kids still had to do some school work, reading and chores. They had to make their beds and learn how to do their own laundry. For every 24 checks they got, there was a reward earned. There reward earned was SOAK CITY!!!! What a fun day! We splashed in the water all day long. Jack wanted to go on the big water slides soooo bad but he was too short. We found little ones for him that he enjoyed but, he found one a little bigger and when he got off he jumped up and said that was so fun and that he was "freaking out!!!" Sooo funny!

Troy turns 39 and Trisha turns 30!!!

For Troys birthday we went to the Tobey Keith and Trace Adkins concert with our friends Matt and Cheryl. It was an awsome time to relax and dance and enjoy some good old country music.

For Trisha's big 3-0 we did a spa day at Glenn Ivy and then met all the hubbys at dinner! What a fun day to celebrate such a special woman!

Big Bear Lake

After Carmel we took acouple days and relaxed at Big Bear Lake with the Spiking Family. What a blast!!!! We relaxed, we jet skiied, we ate, and we laughed.

Nichols Family Trip to Carmel

The Nichols crew were given a vacation home in Carmel for a week!!! It was a beautiful home and we had so much fun! We left July 4th and stayed the night and watched fireworks in Cambria and then saw the elephant seals. Then we made the rest of the drive to Carmel. What an awesome week with the family. We went to the aquarium, to Pebble Beach, to some parks and had lots of fun just playing with the cousins at the house.