Sunday, July 19, 2009

Say "Good Bye" to 7 1/2 years of diapers!

The newest news in our house is that Jack has decided he wants to wear big boy pants and not a diaper. Out of the blue on friday night he followed me into the bathroom and decided he was going to take his diaper off and start peeing on the potty! I hadn't planned on potty training for another 6 months but he had another idea. He was so proud of himself! He has done so well! I offer treats after he goes as a reward, but he isn't interested. All he wants is to take his die cast cars Lightening McQueen, Chick Hicks and The King in with him for them to see. He sets them up on the counter and says "watch guys". Then when he's done he says "did you see that?" and out he walks with his buddies in hand. Feeling that he needed some kind of reward, I made a sticker chart and every 5 stickers he gets to pick a toy out of a toy basket. He seems to like that. So... here we are. 7 1/2 years of diapering and it has come to an end. Although I never minded changing my kids diapers, I must say that there is something accomplishing and completing about the diaper era ending. My little man is turning into a big kid. Am I really ready for that?

Here Comes The Bride...

We just got back from a week vacation to Seattle, Washington visiting my (Bonnie's) family. My brother got married to my new sister in law Dana and we had a ring bearer to provide for the wedding. Joshua was asked to be the ring bearer and was so honored and proud. He stood up front like a grown man. It was precious to watch Troy teach him how to shake hands like a man so he could do his duty in the recieving line after the ceremony. Seeing that handsome little 7 year old in a tux and watching him act like such a young man made me realize how much he is growing up. He is a very special and unique little man. I am so proud of the boy he is.

We also had 6 days of a vacation while we were up there. Every day held a new adventure and the kids were just "awe" struck the whole time. They loved seeing moms old stomping grounds, seeing the camp where mommy and daddy fell in love, being spoiled by grandma and grandma and Aunt Gayle and Uncle Denny. They loved the Space Needle, feeding sea gulls, the Science Center, the ferry rides, the clam chowder, feeding buffalo from the car, the adventures were endless. They even got excited about seeing a slug and learning how to flip over rocks to find crabs. Grandma and grandpa had all kinds of fun toys and special things waiting for them when they got there. We weren't sure they would want to come home! All in all it was a very wonderful vacation and full of memories. (I can only put a couple pictures on the blog, but you can see them all on