Friday, January 22, 2010


We had the worst storm hit Southern California! L.A. had areas of flooding and our creek rose and flooded the backyard! The water came up to the base of the back wall and flooded up to the middle of the backyard! What an adventure!

Jawbone in the Mojave Desert

We got invited to join a group of about 7 families and spend a long weekend in the Mojave Desert. Jawbone to be exact. We were 7 miles off a main road on a beautiful plateau and rode our little hearts out. The kids made tons of new friends, chased rockets, did some small hikes and drove the buggy into the ground. We stayed in the rv and had to leave a day early because of rain. We drove to L.A. and had dinner with some friends while the kids played for hours. Then we drove home to San Diego in the RAIN. Daddy is amazing driving a 37 foot rv adn towing a flatbed trailer. The kids slept on the way home all cuddled up in a bed. What a TRIP!!!!

Jack has a special day with mommy and daddy

At each of the kids birthdays we do a special Disney day to celebrate. The kids were very busy at school and Jack just wanted to go to Downtown Disney, so we broke tradition, and did a mommy daddy day with just Jack to Downtown Disney. What a FUN day! We went to the Lego store, he got his face painted and made daddy do it too (mommy got a way with a tatto ring) and then he spent $50 at Build a Bear. It was a very generous gift from the Rios and he loved picking out his T-rex adn picking one for Josh. Mimi and Carly. Then it was off to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. It was such a great day. HE is such a sweet boy and so full of life and fun! He is a TREASURE!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Our New Years Day tradition is to sit down with the kids and talk about the fun in the orevious year and talk about the new things to work on in the new year.
Here is what the kids said,
2009 highlight was the family trip to Seattle.
2010 goals are to help run the dog, take better care of his ds, pick up his toys and learn how to fold clothes (hmm? I can;t figure that one out, but i am stoked)

2009 highlight was this Christmas. She loved all the season had to offer as well as her gifts.
2010 goals are having a better attitude, being nice, not getting stressed and learning to fold clothes (again, not sure why the clothes thing but I will take it)

2009 highlight was Christmas and all his gifts
2010 goals being a first time listener and being better about drinking less milk and eating more food.

How cute are those? Loved the family time around the table talking with them and hearing their goals.

Desert Time!!!

We are all geared up and ready to ride!!! Troy worked out a real estate deal with a client that resulted in us using his 37 foot rv for a few days to do our first trip of the season out to the desert.

Our friends Matt and Cheryl joined us as well as Uncle Travis and cousin Jared.

We had more fun that we can share and made some amazing memories. Josh and Carly got to drive the other kids around in the little buggy all by themselves and I got to go to the desert in style and ride my new quad. It was such a blast!

I just had to post a video of Josh tearing it up in the little buggy. He got to jumping so hard he broke one of the shocks!

The Nichols Family Christmas

The Nichols always do Christmas on Christmas Eve, but this year we had 2 family members with the flu. So sad! So we decided to wait and do it the day after Christmas.

Nana always makes it special with yummy cinnamon rolls for brunch, the Christmas story acted out by the cousins, singing carols, and eating a delicious dinner. Even the gifts from the family are always sooo fun. We draw names between cousins and nana and papa spoil all the grandkids.

What a fun day!!!

Christmas Morning

I love Christmas morning!!! I love the tree with the gifts and I love hearing the kids gasp at amazement when they come down the hall and see the living transformed with surprises. It was such a fun day to be together and play play play with every new toy.

The kids loved every gift and loved being in their pjs all day!