Saturday, May 15, 2010

I get to horseback ride!!!

A new hobby that I have found is horseback riding. I love it!!! This is the first time in many years that I have the opportunity to explore and devote some time to a passion that is just for me. Every friday I get to go ride in Ramona with Barbara Hughes and enjoy her company as well as learn how to ride. I ride her horse Amanda and love every minute!

What a renewal to my soul to get to go out to nature and walk quiet pastures!

Last trip of teh season...

Its the end of riding season. We all wanted one more trip so we braved the heat and the Boyers and the Spikings joined us for one last weekend in the dunes. What a blast!!! We swam in the canal, tried to do fire bombs (we couldnt get them to work this time), had a silly string fight and played alphabet games around teh fire. It was a great weekend and it was a great way to celebrate Mothers Day.

There is something relaxing, natural, slow and happy about being in the desert. I guess it is being away from all the distractions that helps, but my soul gets so renewed when we are there.