Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gingerbread houses...

We started a new tradition this year with the kids friends. It went really well and was a lot of fun so we are definitely gonna keep it going. We had 20 kids from school come over after school and decorate gingerbread houses. I read 2 books to them before we started. One was about Jesus being born and the other was There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bell. It was an afternoon of total fun!!!

Turkey helpers...

Thanksgiving tradition starts with cinnamon rolls at nanas house with all the cousins. In the afternoon I come home to get a turkey baking. This year Mimi and Mikaila helped make the turkey with me. They prepped the turkey, made the stuffing, and then stuffed and bagged the turkey. It was soooooo yummy! I was so proud of them for their willingness to help.

Hope it starts a new tradition!

Disney Afternoon with mommy..

Over the Thanksgiving break I took you guys to Disneyland to see the Christmas parade. It was so fun to have some mommy time at the Happiest Place on Earth. You guys really enjoyed the parade and really enjoyed making your custom mouse ears. You guys are so fun! I hope you like playing with me forever!

Desert season begins...

Day trip to Glamis with teh family, Carly, Trevor, Taylor and Uncle Ty and JT and Uncle Travis and Jared. What a super fun day!!!! It was so fun to play in the dirt and watch bikes and buggys go up Olds Hill all day. When nite came we roasted hot dogs and made smores. There is nothing like a day in the dunes!

Mommy turns 35 and celebrates all week!

I love birthdays! I celebrate with the kids birthdays the whole month of thier birthday. To celebrate the life of someone special to you is such a gift.

That being said, my 35th birthday was this year. I tell Troy I am only gonna get better with age and so far he is agreeing! :)

I wanted to do something really fun this year so I got some of my girlfriends together to go out for a nite on the town. What I didn't know is that Troy was gonna surprise us with a hummer limo!!! SO awesome!!!
It was the best night!!! Then I got to wake up the morning of my birthday to surprise guests with balloons and cards and a gift (Spiking crew) and dinner that night with my sister in laws.

But that wasnt it... then a couple days later I got a whole date day with my hubby! We went to breakfast and I got diamonds for my birthday! Wow! Was I surprised!

I felt so loved and excited with all the birthday celebrations and it was a great reminder of how blessed I really am. I am so humbled.

Helping Haiti

Troy and I planned a school wide community service project for the kids elementary school. They have almost 700 students and it turned out to be a huge success. We had each student bring in $5 and each student, whether or not they contributed $, packed a backpack for the kids in Haiti to go to school. Some families paid more than the $5 and other families coudlnt pay at all, but the point was to give the kids an experience to make a difference. Between the familes at the school and outside donors we raised $2100 and we only needed $2189. God was so good. Troys real estate company donated $600 to give our students wrsitbands to remember this special day. It was so cool to see God provide financially and to see all the students, teachers and families join in. It really made a difference in theit lives and is saving the lives of kids in Haiti. If they go to school for the day, then they get to go to the school kitchen and eat for the day.

What an amazing experience.