Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Did These 3 Decide To Be This Year?

It's Halloween again and this year you guys decided to be a green morph man with matching afro wig (Josh) a cute little bumble bee (Mimi) and Iron Man (Jack).  You 3 looked fabulous!

The day started out at school with the annual costume parade (momy was a little nervous because the day before your school had gone into lockdown for an hour in morning.) then it was class parties and fun.  After school we went to nana's for spaghetti dinner and trick or treating.  We had such a great time! 

Josh Turms 11!!!

Its hard to believe our big guy turned 11!  What an amazing young man with an amazing heart!  We are so proud of you Josh for the young man you are and are growing up to be.  For his party, he decided to have an rc guy come with rock crawlers and boy were the boys excited.  We brought all the boys home from school and they didn't even take time to eat a snack!  After rc's daddy loaded them up and took them to Creekside for the annual Creepside.  Ohhhh Scarey!  Then back home for an Edible Arrangement (Josh's request) and gifts.  So fun and I think the birthday boy will remember his 11th birthday for awhile.  You also had a party with your cousins where we decorated pumpkins and stuffed a dinosaur pinata.  It was a blast!

Rugged Maniac Mamas

Mommy teamed up with her good friend Audrey and they ran the Rugged Maniac at Vail Lake on October 13th.  It was a 5K with 20 obstacles and tons of mud and water!  Our goal was to finish it in 1 1/2 hours and we did it in 1 hour and 15 minutes!!!  We were so proud of ourselves and so happy and thankful for everyone to come and cheer us on!  Even Jack and daddy sprayed pink mohawks in thier hair.  Only bummer, it didnt wash out for weeks! lol!

Taking A Week Off...

We took a week off and flew the family to Montana to see the Dry Family.  We have never taken you guys out of school for a whole week before, but Montana was worth it.  We had fun hanging out at home, swinging on a tree swing, Josh said he was Tarzan, but suburban style.  Lol!  We floated down the river and Josh learned how to fly fish and we rode the carousel again and got the gold ring for a free ride.  It was an amazing week with our friends.