Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Big Girl Turns 7!!!

Jessica Joy Nichols entered the world APril 2 2003! The world and specifically our family has never been the same since. She named herself Mimi at 18 months and will now only answer to the name Mimi. She just had her 7th birthday party and what a wonderful day to celebrate this amazing gift from God! She is the true definition of her middle name JOY and what a JOYous day we had celebrating her. She wanted an American Girl all crafts party. SO crafting we did! The girls had little baskets and we made picture frames, sugar cookies, tube sock bracelets, pins, a set of notecards, and a headband. Mimi has the sweetest girls in her life and I hope that many of these friendships stay with her as the years pass.

Happy Birthday Mimi!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break!!!

What an awesome trip to the dunes. The Spiking family came with us and we had the most amazing time out at Ogelby.

Fire bombs, hot seats, fire lines, rides, running out of gas, and of course Mrs. Spikings bee sting and moms crash! Cartwheeled 25 feet with my quad but got back up and kept riding!!! 48 hours later I had a hurt shoulder, bruised collar bone, and charlie horse and bruises everywhere. It was such a fun time to hang out, relax, make some memories and deepen friendships.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter with the family...

I love celebrating Easter with all the family and cousins! What a celebration! Everyone was here and uncle Ty did a great devotional and we did "jesus in the tomb" crescent rolls. All the kids just played and played and rode quads around the yard. It was truly a blessed day. We did actually have 2 surprises though! We had 2 small eathquakes in the afternoon that got us a little shook up.

We also got to celebrate Mimi's 7th birthday with all the family too! Mimi is becoming such a amazing young girl and is soooo full of life. What a privilege to be her mommy!