Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mimi turns 9!!!

Its so hard to believe that this beautiful fun loving girl is already 9!!!  She had a soccer party at the soccer park with her friends.  The weather was stormy all weekend but she was up for the adventure!  The girls scrimmaged and also got to play against dads.  The girls won of course (wink!)

Mimi, you are an amzing girl and out family wouldn't be the same without you.

He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!

Easter mornging was so awesome!  The kids wokeup and started searching for the baskets the bunny had left for them  Jack was so excited that as he pulled out each gift, he stop and give us a hug and tell us how much he loved it.  After baskets we had breakfast and then got ready for church. We met the whole family at church!  It was prettuawesome!  Then it was time to go to Nanas for the day.  We did an egg hunt, marshmallow Jesus in the tomb and celebrated Mimis birthday.  It was such a wonderful day of celebration and family.

Spring Break at the RIVER!!!

SPRING BREAK!!! What a BLAST!!!  We headed out to the river with DZ and The Fort and our new boat!  THe spiking crew came with us and we played in the river for 4 days!  It was awesome!  We tubed, ate, laughed, and had sooo much fun!  I think we lost the little red frisbee about 30 times in the water but found it every time.  Talking around the fire at night was really fun too.  Cant wait for the next trip!