Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mimi turns 10!!!! Double Digits!
What a fun birthday!  You wanted a cake boss theme so we got zebra aprons for all the girls, made a plaque craft outside, had a fun pasta dinner in the dining room decorated with big bright colored glasses, and decorated cakes.  You had a blast and it was so fun to watch you with your friends.  Mom and daddy love you so much and are so proud of the young woman you are becoming.  You are very thoughtful of your friends.  Love big 10 year old!

He Is Risen!!!
Easter with the family is always fun! We woke up and you guys found your baskets.. you  love that!  We have been watching a show called Shark Tank and in your basket was one of the things from that show called a Freaker.  You guys thought that was pretty cool!  Then we headed to church with all the Nichols and then to Nanas from egg hunt, baking, dinner, and also celebrating Mimi and Elizabeth.  What a fun day! 

Well, we had a big trip planned to the dunes with all the family and mom got the flu the whole week of the february break.  I was pretty sick.  Stayed in bed for a week.  You guys and daddy did a great jo takingcare of me and having fun.  But we were all sad to miss the desert.  So when Spring Break came, we packed upi and headed to the DUNES!!!  It was awesome!  We met some new cool families, The Sheilds, and rode in the big dunes tons with the rzr.  It was awesome!