Sunday, February 21, 2010


Little Jack Jack is now finally old enough to do the Little Kickers program at the North County Soccer Park!!! Josh and Mimi both took soccer classes when they were little and loved it. So now it is Mr. Jacks turn to kick the ball around.

After his first class was over, all he could say was that he loved it adn wanted it to go longer!!! He loves kicking goals and building cone towers and kicking the ball all over the field.

I love this special time with him each week. Just to focus on him and something he loves and is learning all at the same time. He just smiles and laughs through the whole class.

Monster Truck Show

At the end of January we got to go to the Monster Truck show with our friends Matt and Cheryl. It was the first year we went as a family. It was so loud but soooo fun. Those trucks are amazing! There was a woman driver and I must say she was a very good driver. Maybe I should try that one day?