Sunday, November 2, 2008

Backyard Birthday Olympics!

Joshua was so excited to have a big boys party this year. He invited 10 of his closest buddies and wanted to have it be a drop off party. Mommy and daddy decided we were up for the challenge and got to planning. Joshua wanted to do the olympics in the backyard and then a movie in the grass. So we started the party off at 3:30 and divided the boys into 2 teams. One team was headed by Coach Troy and they called themselves "The Predator Chargers". The other team was lead by Coach Terry and they were called the "The Animals". They loaded up backpacks with gatorade, water, birthday bucks, marker and pennant. Then each team went to work on their logo and signing each others backpacks and pennants. We even had a few boys get their faces painted.

Then it was Backyard Olympics time. There were 8 challenges. An Obstacle Course, an Egg Balance, a Clothes Relay, Football Throw, Pumpkin Roll, Fast Feet, Potato Sack Hop, and Pencil Drop. They went one by one, team by team. Coaches kept track of times and competitors. It was a blast!

Tired and worn out it was time to refuel with dinner. They got plates of chicken nuggets and fries, caramel and apples and headed out for the awards ceremony while they ate. Every boy got a medal and lei for particiapting.
With the sun quickly going down we got the concession stand ready and the boys came to spend their hard earned birthday bucks on movie treats and glow sticks. Then it was off to get comfy and watch the movie. We snuck in a quick cupcake and Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and then they watched (kind of) Journey to the Center of the Earth.

All of the boys were fantastic and we had such a great time. It was fun for Troy and I to get to spend some time with Josh's closest buddies and get to know them better.
It was the birthday party Joshua wanted and he was so happy at the end of the day. Thank you to all that helped! We couldn't have pulled it off without you!